All our basic 60 minute treatments use the finest hypoallergenic Jojoba oil. This oil is light, easily absorbed yet deeply moisturising.



£65 - 60 Minutes

Relax on a heated couch,  while you are treated to an indulgent massage using warm organic oils. The Swedish incorporates sweeping strokes, firm kneading pressure and invigorating percussive movements. This massage will help you release tension in the muscles and achieve total relaxation.

Stones Massage


£65 - 60 Minutes

Derived from a Native South American practice, the Hot Stones uses heat from smooth volcanic stones and warmed oils to help penetrate into deep muscle tissue. The hot stones will be placed or rubbed on your body to give you an incredibly soothing deep tissue massage. This is a slow gentle treatment that will soften tight tissue and leave you feeling grounded and calm.


£65 - 60 Minutes

This massage uses heated sticks of smooth warm bamboo combined with warm oils to provide you with a powerful deep tissue massage on stubborn knotty and painful areas of muscle. This is a wonderful treatment for persistently tight or painful areas as it specifically works on flattening, elongating and relaxing muscle tissue, as well as leaving your revitalised and refreshed.


£65 - 60 Minutes

A heavenly combination of the rejuvenating facial, coupled with with a soothing back, neck and shoulder massage. This is a very popular massage which combines the Swedish massage used in the full body massage for the back neck and shoulders.  It will leave you completely relaxed and ease any tension in back neck and shoulders. The natural face lift massage will plump up your facial features and rejuvenate your skin giving it back its natural glow.

Swedish Massage


£50 - 45 Minutes

You will begin your experience by warming your feet in a cleansing foot bath, before reclining on a warm couch. Your feet and lower legs will then be treated to a sweeping relaxing strokes, combined with firmer movements to soften and bring welcome relief to tight muscles, joints and tendons.This is a wonderful way to indulge an often neglected area.


£50 - 45 Minutes

This is a seated massage. You will be wrapped in warm towels and treated to a detoxifying and wonderfully soothing massage, focusing on your shoulders, neck, head and face. Each aspect of this ancient treatment will help to release tension, improve sleep, relieve headaches and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Healing Touch Therapy_1
Head Massage


£50 - 45 Minutes

This is a precise routine that releases tension in the face as well as improving circulation. This revitalising treatment stimulates facial muscles, helps to redefine facial contours, reduces puffiness and dark shadows, helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and generally gives the face a glowing appearance.


£50 - 45 Minutes

This facial massage draws on traditional methods of massage, but incorporates the use of a kansa wand. Kansa is a specific form of bronze, that has been used for centuries for its healing and purifying effects It's electromagnetic properties mean that it provides the gentlest of deep tissue stimulation and is a wonderful way to calm puffiness, oxygenate the skin, reduce excess acidity and restore a natural glow to the skin.

Back Massage

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

£50 - 45 Minutes

Using the techniques of the Swedish Massage to ease tight areas of the back, neck and shoulders. Please advise us if there is a particular painful or tight area to make sure this gets the needed attention.